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Speed Lab  is an authorized distributor of Autronic Fuel Injection and Ignition Systems.


bulletAutronic offers advanced features at a great value.  
bulletCapabilities are among the most advanced available.  
bulletFriendly user interface is via laptop PC.


Autronic SMC,  SM2 and SM4 Engine Management Systems (click for more)

Total engine management with 3D maps for both fuel and ignition.  

Autotune™ feature allows automated tuning of fuel maps utilizing a wide-band A/F meter (saves dyno time).

Advanced features such as:

bulletboost control limit (multilevel based on gear selection)
bulletidle control
bulletclosed loop control
bulletflat shift
bullettraction control
bulletlaunch control
bulletadvanced rev limiter
bulletpit speed limiter
bulletvariable cam control (including dual VANOS)
bulletconfigurable outputs (on/off, PWM)
bulletfull compensation for altitude
bulletadvanced logging and analysis standard
bulletmuch more...


Autronic Direct Fire CDI Ignition System (click for more)

Ultra high output, 4 channel, capacitive discharge ignition system.  CDI ignition systems are essential for engines with very high effective compression ratios, such as turbocharged and supercharged applications.  


Autronic Telemetry Systems - (click for more)

Two-way.  Monitor engine and vehicle parameters, log data, make adjustments to engine operating maps - all in real-time while the vehicle is operating.  Have total control while testing or racing!  Top-level, professional telemetry capabilities are now available for an unbeatable low cost.


1967 Ferrari Dino 206 GTS Competizione.  Speed Lab configured and tuned the Autronic SM2 system that operates this specially built, 12,000 rpm motor.


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