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We are Speed Lab     offering the AutoDyn   

Automotive Chassis Dynamometer by 

The most advanced chassis dyno in the midwest, period.  

We tune custom engines.


January 29, 2006 - Speed Lab returns to the Rolex 24 hours at Daytona.  Working under contract with Apex Speed Technology of Venice Beach, CA, Speed Lab provided five days of intensive support.  Support included various wiring, Motec electronics, data logging, integrated video systems, telemetry and installation of Speed TV in-car cameras.  Clients at the event included Team Seattle, the six car Synergy Racing team,  and the two car Marcus Motorsports team.  Photo by R. Payton.



Speed Lab is named USA distributor of the Knock Box.

This is the high quality unit that engine tuners have been waiting for.

You need this as much as you need an A/F meter.

Uses piezoelectric sound pickups that bolt to the engine block.

Effectively blocks external noise and uniquely focuses the internal sounds of the engine.

the knock box

3 models:  Single Channel, Dual Channel, Pro-Logger




AiM Sports MXL driver display/data logger

This powerful product is user configurable and has data stream compatibility with 

many engine management systems.  


We bundle this display/data logger with Autronic engine management to provide

very high end features and function at an affordable price.


Three levels:  Strada, Pista, Pro




Speed Lab is an authorized Diablo Sport CMR dealer.

 Chip Master Revolution Tuning Software

Diablo Sport Predator            Diablo Sport Delta Chip

We offer custom tuning of factory engine control units 

for modified Ford and GM powertrains from mild to wild.  

If you've modified your engine airflow (cam, headers, exhaust, blower, other), then you 

need a custom calibration to protect your engine and to obtain maximum performance.

Full featured CMR software allows total access to factory engine management calibrations.

Cars and Trucks.


Speed Lab

 Dyno Testing Services

Determine torque and power delivered at the drive wheels of your vehicle with our research grade, chassis dynamometer equipment.  The Superflow Autodyn features eddy current load control for controlled acceleration and steady state tuning.  Think of this as the corporate level dyno.

Systems to monitor other data parameters of the operating vehicle are available, including pressures, temperatures, exhaust composition and lambda.   

Load algorithms are available for exponential vehicle aerodynamic drag simulations.  Perfect for our land speed racer clients.

February 20, 2004:  rare Ferrari 288 GTO comes to Speed Lab for a full day of careful fuel and spark mapping from our laptop computer.  Using pump gas and only 12-13 psi of boost pressure, the 2.8 liter twin turbo V8 now runs clean, with a broad torque curve making 414hp at the tire.  Ferrari rated this motor 400 hp at the flywheel.  What a great sound it made.  Photo by R. Payton.


We are specialists in automotive performance data :


advanced Superflow eddy current chassis dynamometer with up to 64 channels of data acquisition and drive-on convenience.


in-vehicle fuel injection/ignition mapping services.


on-board race car data acquisition logger systems.


performance data consulting service and training.


Authorized USA distributor and support center for Autronic advanced engine management systems.


Authorized distributor and support center for EFI Technology race car engine management and data acquisition logger systems. 


Experienced carburetor tuning.  We tune carbs and timing advance curves on the dyno to maximize torque and optimize drivability.


vehicle corner weight scales.


performance chassis set-up/alignment.


Our Mission

    Continuous commitment 

    to the satisfaction of our clients. 


    Continuous advancement of our knowledge,

    skills, products and service capabilities.  



Our hero, Steve Ahlgrim driving an SRP1 class, Chevrolet powered, Kudzu at the 2000 Rolex 24 at Daytona. Photo by R. Payton


Contact Information

Speed Lab   Dyno Testing Services is a brand owned by Speed Lab L.L.C.   The dyno is operated by Robert Payton, who has dyno tested and tuned hundreds of vehicles and has logged thousands of hours on the dyno.  The shop is located in Spring Grove on US Route 12 about 3 miles northwest of Fox Lake, IL.  We are 50 miles northwest of downtown Chicago.  Call us for an appointment, or send an email for more information. 

ARCA stock car "in the lab."  This view demonstrates some of our 64 available channels of data acquisition.  Speed Lab has the most advanced chassis dynamometer system available.  Click on photo for an even larger view.  After 11 hours of tuning on our dyno, this car took a dominant pole at Joliet, followed by a successful outing at Talledega.   Photos by R. Payton.  
847-650-3072   Bob's mobile (use to schedule dyno time or to discuss engine management/tuning)
815-675-1326   shop
        815-675-3226    fax
Speed Lab  
Dyno Testing Services
1814-B  US Route 12
          Spring Grove, IL  60081
Postal address (is not the shop)
Speed Lab, L.L.C.
690 Garfield Ave.
          Lake Bluff, IL  60044



March 9, 2005 - Another nice Birken S3.  This one built by Dennis Tobin of LaFox Automotive in Elgin, IL, now with fully tuned, flexible electronic engine management by Speed Lab. 






Anchor Racing is a four car Grand Am team.  Their team of BMW M3 race cars all utilize advanced EFI Technology engine management and data acquisition systems spec'd, sold and serviced by Speed Lab.  The custom engine control includes continuously variable VANOS and drive-by-wire.  Drivers include John Munson, Jim Sofranos, Boris Said, Joey Hand, Anders Hainer among others. This team's commitment to the sport has been remarkable.  Photo by R. Payton.



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